In December of this past year, a change was put into place in the Catholic Mass liturgy. The words of the mass service were changed. Often these words/responses are sung. Because the text was changed, new music needed to be written to accommodate the new text.

In May of 2011, Justin was approached by Connie Solari, a colleague at Sacred Heart along with Sr. Kathleen Hughes, RSCJ and Rich Dioli, Director of Schools in Atherton about the possibility of composing a mass setting that would be used by the Sacred Heart Network of schools which span the globe. This began the process of composing the “Mass of the Sacred Heart”.

Included in the work are six settings of the mass service. The work was written for the Catholic mass and follows the Catholic liturgy, however, the pieces stand alone as songs of worship and are applicable in a protestant worship service as well.

Purchasing Music

Justin will be self publishing the work. If you are interested in purchasing sheet music, contact him at


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"Mystery of Faith"

"Great Amen"

"Holy Holy Holy"

"Lamb of God"